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Fotonomy Photography Blog 

I've just started a Fotonomy Photography Blog here:

The idea of the blog is to give useful camera and photography advice for Fotonomers of all levels, talk about cameras, printers, etc. and provide useful information about the site.

All important site news will continue to be posted here, but the blog will give me a place to talk about new ideas for features and get feedback much earlier.

I'm also interested in hearing from people who'd be interested in earning a little cash by writing for the blog.

Maybe you want to share some tips about a cool Photoshop technique, or even review your own camera. If so, just drop me a message using the 'Contact Us' page here - preferably with an example of something you've written in the past. 


12:29pm March 25 2007Poulet said:  
Great idea !
Thanks. :))
11:29am April 28 2007Tonylazygit said:  
I agree with Poulet :-))
12:45am May 3 2007CelticClicks said:  
Fabulous idea!
12:46am May 3 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #25321) 
lol Hi Poulet! ;-)
peek at my profile to see who this is ;-)
4:35am May 3 2007Poulet said: (reply to comment #28369) 
HUH?? I'll go there right now !!!
8:37am May 4 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #28399) 
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