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Another update for you - two in a week! Woo!

This time, I've added extensive EXIF technical information for all photos. Just click the little 'EXIF' icon on a photo's details box.

The information provided is extremely comprehensive - as far as I'm aware, it's the most complete technical information provided by any photo sharing site. The only things it doesn't show are the embedded thumbnail (as Fotonomy generates it's own thumbnails anyway) and any HTML tags which are stripped out for security reasons.

You may be surprised just how much metadata your photos hold.

Here's an example:

On another note, I've also made some minor tweaks to the interface which you may or may not notice. As ever, post any comments, questions or bug reports below. Oh - and don't forget to use that 'fave' button too! 


2:30pm May 5 2007Raynekyst said:  
This is are right, so much information on the photograph, thank you!
9:00pm May 5 2007pueo said:  
wow there is a lot of information there.
9:30pm May 5 2007Rob said:  
Yay! I'll continue to ping you with comments :)
10:00pm May 5 2007dom said: (reply to comment #28837) 
I'd expect nothing less. :)
11:05am May 6 2007CelticClicks said:  
Excellent feature!
11:11am May 6 2007CelticClicks said:  
OMG it says I've taken over 14,000 images in under a year!!! what's the shutter life on a D50???
11:11pm May 14 2007YearOfTheCat said:  
4:08pm May 24 2007gentletouch said: (reply to comment #28861) 
Yoru camera probably is moonlighting, or elves secretly take your camera at night, and take photos of shoes they fix during the wee hours of the night. :)
6:26pm June 7 2007supercarrie said:  
soo much information :)
9:58pm June 8 2007Tonylazygit said:  
me like fotonomy much goooooooodddddddd :-)
5:33pm June 10 2007jomoud said:  
amazing all the info it provides!!!!
5:57pm June 10 2007Tonylazygit said: (reply to comment #28861) 
I checked with Nikon for you it's 14,001
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