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Fotonomy is Open 

I've made some fairly major changes to the back-end code this morning.

The most noticeable one is that anyone can now sign up. Yay.

I've also added password changing/resetting tools, but to reset your password, you MUST have a valid email address in your profile - so make sure you update yours now.

As ever, please let me know if you spot any problems or have any ideas.  


8:56pm May 27 2006Rob said:  
12:06pm May 28 2006Moods said:  
thanks !
6:47am May 29 2006ohhahhwho said:  
Thanks for the image view counter Dom. It's a great feature.
9:31am May 29 2006pueo said:  
Oh? Should I start plugging fotonomy in other places now?
1:49pm May 30 2006Justagirl said:  
WOW! Things are a moving! Great work Dom!
6:43pm May 31 2006yellville said:  
Open and Counting....Sweeeeet

Messages would be nice one day too
12:27am June 1 2006dom said: (reply to comment #7904) 
If I build them, they will come.
Or something.
8:59am June 1 2006Marvin said:  
Progress comes to those who wait.
(Or something like that.)
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