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I'm so not used to judging Challenges. It's so *hard*. You people are too good. :)

Anyway, I've managed to pick a winner...

I just love this. My opinion is purely subjective and all the entries were great. But well done Raynekyst. :)

In other news..

I've been really busy doing other work for the last couple of weeks, but that's just about finished now so I'll have more time to devote to Fotonomy again. The albums feature should be done this week. Yay.

Oh. If you want to know what this other work work is that's been distracting me from Fotonomy, take a look:

Yes, I've spent most of the last 2 weeks touching up girls. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it... (I'm told). 


10:06pm May 14 2006karen said:  
Well done Raynekyst!!

as for dom touching up those girls......I'm shocked ;)
10:35pm May 14 2006CeterusParibus said:  
Congratulations, Raynekyst :)
2:58am May 15 2006Marvin said:  
Great job Raynekyst!

Re: Touching up the Electric Dolls -- The sacrifices you must make to earn a living are amazing.
3:19am May 15 2006Raynekyst said:  
Thank you Dom....what a surprise and an honor!!
9:32pm May 15 2006yellville said: (reply to comment #5851) 
Congrats R
3:13am May 16 2006ohhahhwho said: (reply to comment #5813) 
this coming from a lady who's trying to stack snails...
5:44pm May 16 2006Steve said:  
Congratulations Raynekyst! A worthy winner.

Dom: I assume you have a ticket for May 31st. and are prepared to be tested, titillated and tantalised! :)
8:26pm May 16 2006dom said: (reply to comment #6060) 
Of course. Someone has to take photos. :)
10:42pm May 16 2006dom said:  

Albums should now be working - click the 'albums' tab on your photos to play.

I'll probably tweak things, but as ever, feedback is appreciated!
12:46am May 17 2006artyfactory said: (reply to comment #6091) 
have made several albums - they work like a charm and add to the whole site.
very cool.
8:54am May 17 2006Marvin said:  
Ditto on making albums and working like a charm.
Cool, indeed. Thanks, Dom.
6:57pm May 17 2006PennyLane said:  
I love the albums - they work just fine!
11:50pm May 17 2006yellville said:  
1:26pm May 18 2006ashdad said:  
Thanks for the album function. It works beautifully.
6:49pm May 19 2006dom said:  
You can now add a description of your albums - just to go your album page and click below 'About this album'.
5:13am May 20 2006ohhahhwho said:  
I have a hard time organizing toilet paper . . . thanks for making the albums function simple :)
11:12pm May 21 2006Steve said:  
Albums work really well, Dom. I can't think of any way to make it easier. Good work. :)
11:15pm May 25 2006pueo said:  
Congrats R!

Hey Dom, I'm not sure if this is a problem limited to using firefox on a windows 98 computer but for some reason when I try to edit the description text on the photo after it has been uploaded the text formatting gets all messed up as if carriage returns were put all in the wrong places.
11:06am May 26 2006belinketeneghe said:  
albums running fine here
7:03pm May 26 2006dom said: (reply to comment #7202) 
Pueo - that's odd - can you show me an example?

In other news, I'll be opening the site up to everyone very soon. I'm just doing final tweaks and testing to the registration system.
9:56am May 29 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #7295) 
here you go. I added some test text as regularly wrapping text in various paragraph lengths here:

It looked fine when I saved it but when I clicked it again to edit it, it had character returns at the end of all the lines and when I clicked "save" it had ended up with the text jumbled up as it is now.
10:38am June 3 2006dom said: (reply to comment #7549) 
Yup, I think I've managed to replicate the problem. Will look into it some more. Thanks!
11:53am June 7 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #8214) 
sure. glad to have helped.
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