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I thought it might be fun to set a little informal challenge. :)

So. The subject is (somewhat pretentiously) 'abstract realism'.

Basically, abstract shapes and patterns created by real objects (as opposed to a scene you've set up yourself).

If you want to enter, upload your photo and enter the URL in the comments here.

No prizes, just kudos for the winner. I'll announce the result.. er.. at some point in the future. :) 


10:34pm April 29 2006dom said: (reply to comment #3399) 
If it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge. :)
5:15pm April 30 2006thebillies said:
Not sure if this fits the challenge or not.
11:56am May 1 2006yellville said:  
9:43pm May 2 2006jef said:  
>Abstract realism

Are you sure it isn't real abstraction?
4:11am May 8 2006pueo said:
I would have cropped in more to get more "abstract" but my usual computer is being bad.
12:18pm May 9 2006dom said:  
Ok, I'll judge the winner this weekend.
11:59am May 10 2006DGM said:  
7:27pm May 10 2006dom said: (reply to comment #5110) 
S'ok, it's not the weekend yet :)
4:54pm May 12 2006alden said:  
5:08pm June 4 2006Judith said:

I know I'm late with this. But where do I find the winner of this challenge?
9:52am June 6 2006karen said: (reply to comment #8390) 
Judith - the winner is announced on the following update -

It's all informal at the moment - but still LOTS of fun! :)
10:38pm June 7 2006beady said:  
As a new member still finding my way around this site. is this where I find the lastest challenges. So this challenge must be finished as it was uploaded on 29-April. when or where do I find the new/lastest challenge to enter an image into.
1:20am February 27 2007abojovna said:  

I am sorry, i uploaded this photo like "chalenge real abstract", becose i not saw year 2006 by this my entry ... i am now member and i have a bit problem with English and system here ... i learn ... :-)! Thank you foryour understanting!
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