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Photo Mosaic 

Here's a bit of fun for you.

Select 'Photo Mosaic' from the photos menu, or click this link:

It's continually updated random mosaic photo wall thingy of everyone's photos. Click a photo you like to view it full size. 


9:11pm February 25 2007Pewari said:  
*applauds Dom*

Great bit of coding - looks fab :)
10:12pm February 25 2007CeterusParibus said:  
yes .. a great feature to spot more good photos
12:46am February 26 2007yellville said:  
3:17am February 26 2007Haw59 said:  
Well done.
4:27am February 26 2007Raynekyst said:  
This is a wonderful feature :-)
7:20am February 26 2007Sheila said:  
Great fun!
10:43pm February 26 2007artyfactory said:  
great idea.
I make and sell mosaic's, and people love them...
12:08am February 28 2007dom said:  
Oh - and you may also notice, there's now an RSS link on your comments page. Plug this into your RSS reader and you'll get notified whenever anyone comments on your photos. Yay.
4:12pm March 4 2007BrainPain said:  
This is a fantastic idea, the fact that it constantly changes photos makes it feel alive.
2:39am March 10 2007Poulet said:  
Great features!
Thanks !!
1:08pm March 10 2007visuallyadaptive said:  
yay! That's awesome :)
9:38am March 14 2007pueo said:  
wow neat stuff. thanks Dom!
10:49pm May 3 2007CelticClicks said:  
I played with this one last night!!!
Excellent feature!!! This site is just rockin!!
Good job Dom!
9:42pm June 18 2007jomoud said:  
Just discovered this feature.
Lotsa fun.
Nice addition Dom.
9:32am June 20 2007DGM said:  
A good one!!
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