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You've probably noticed another update has happened!

I've introduced drop-down menus, as this makes it a whole lot easier to organise navigation more logically as the site grows.

There's also a couple of new features:

* 'Most Interesting' shows, well, the most interesting 20 photos for any given week.

* 'Random photo' jumps to a completely random photo.

As ever, let me know if you spot any problems.



10:48pm June 3 2006karen said:  
loving these new features so much! :)

The weekly interesting pages are just fab great and wonderful :)
11:04pm June 3 2006frann said:  
Nice job. You might want to move the thumbnails a bit lower so the drop downs don't interfere.

Do we get to vote on the most interesting or are you choosing them? :)
11:07pm June 3 2006dom said: (reply to comment #8332) 
Menus are meant to work like that though. But I am still tweaking things.

And no, you don't get to vote. It's done by magic. :)
2:46am June 4 2006ohhahhwho said:  
Magic or not, the new features are great. Thanks for the time and effort you're putting into this site Dom.
3:18am June 4 2006Haw59 said:  
I always knew Dom was a magician. Looks great.
11:09am June 4 2006DGM said:  
Good job Dom!!!
11:17am June 4 2006junsjazz said:  
Serves like a power feature for the site! Great work Dom!
5:09pm June 4 2006CeterusParibus said:  
coming together very nicely, Dom ..
there's a small typo on the "People" drop-down menu - "Memeber Directory" (sic)
still a shame things don't work right on ie5, but understand the difficulties
7:14pm June 4 2006samira said:  
Great magic features here!!
9:47pm June 4 2006dom said: (reply to comment #8391) 
Typo fixed, thanks.
(And I think using IE5 for anything at all is asking for trouble!)
1:02am June 5 2006Raynekyst said:  
Thank you for having this site Dom, I am honored to be a part of it and love all the features you have provided for all of us!! :-)
8:31am June 5 2006artyfactory said:  
well done
4:17pm June 5 2006Pewari said:  
Looking fab, Dom!
6:47pm June 5 2006yellville said:  
Excellent, only took this old dog 5 minutes to learn the new tricks.....
9:52pm June 5 2006belinketeneghe said:  
no problem
excellent work
5:03am June 6 2006Discovery said:  
hi dom,
its possible to show the "techn.details" or i´ve no found it?? :-)
11:27am June 6 2006pueo said:  
yay... the new menus are great!
12:29pm June 6 2006beady said:  
I have only been a member for a few days, so I am still finding my way around. what I have seen so far, this is an awesome site. nice work fotonomy.
2:02am June 7 2006PennyLane said:  
the site is developing beautifully, dom. i really really like the new features!
5:42pm June 7 2006Steve said:  
Going great Dom. Loving it more and more.
7:23pm June 8 2006fotonomy said:  
We now have a new home for challenges to:
10:35pm June 8 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #8897) 
ooo challenge me!
8:28am June 10 2006Marvin said:  
Enjoying the new features. Thanks.
12:04am June 18 2006Minz said:  
Am enjoying being here very much indeed. I like all the features a great deal.
Detailed, clear, informative and great photos!
1:30am June 20 2006Simthumb said:  
Awesome. Any chance of RSS feeds? I really love that feature about Flickr, would love it here. Notes (like in Flickr) would be awesome, too.
2:26pm June 21 2006dom said: (reply to comment #10356) 
RSS feeds should be done very very soon. :)
3:59pm June 21 2006dom said: (reply to comment #10356) 
Like, as soon as now, actually. :)
A good browser like Firefox or Safari should auto-detect your RSS URL - if not, click on your (or anyone's) profile tab and there should be a little RSS button.
I'll add more feeds shortly (feeds of friends' photos, all photos, ATOM feeds, etc.)
11:41pm June 22 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #10507) 
yeah I just saw the RSS thing show up. should be fun
12:23pm June 23 2006frann said:  
Nice job. BTW, why do I have problems forwarding my domain here? I am sending to my photoreel and it's doing weird things. Or is it just me?
9:16pm June 24 2006yellville said:  
11:48am June 26 2006dom said: (reply to comment #10677) 
Frann - your domain forwarding seems to work fine here...
11:50am June 26 2006dom said: (reply to comment #10821) 
Messages will come.
I've been really busy trying to scrape together some kind of income lately - and Fotonomy currently costs more money than it makes, so other things have to take priority right now.
2:15pm June 26 2006frann said:  
Dom, I'm only having the problem with Explorer. When I use Firefox it's fine. Strange.

You should put some google ads up and ask for donations.
2:42am June 28 2006maefleur said:  
i say no to the google ads, but yes to donations. i'd be most willing to donate to help you out with expenses, and be more pleased if we can count out the ads.
8:12pm June 29 2006Lowryn said:  
Random photo is cool!
11:07pm July 3 2006Powermike said:  
I love this site ! Nice and trouble it should be. Thanks Dom.
1:25pm July 4 20062hlfpnys said:  
I love this site Dom...thank you for giving us an alternate choice...
Many thanks to Beady for telling me about it
I belong to Buzznet and Flickr and this one by far is easier to use...thank you thank you thank you
2:43am July 6 2006Chubster said:  
Feedback - if I may - I find the thumbnail next to posts a lot less helpful than an "avatar" icon associated with the user.

I say a resounding NO to any form of ads, but I guess you're interested in commercialising the site. Thank heavens for adblock etc... ;)
2:01pm July 6 2006Justagirl said:  
I thought something was different!
10:01am July 8 2006dom said: (reply to comment #11846) 
Chubster: It's not really about commericalising the site at the moment, it's about covering costs. Running the site costs more than it generates.

I'm in two minds about avatars. I might make it an option to choose either latest photo or avatar at some point... but from other users' point of view, showing the latest photo is a great way of 'surfing' the site.
3:05am July 10 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #11846) 
Despite the fact that they can be annoying, I can understand the need for ads. Although apparently he gets to make money at fun things like taking photos of models, Dom can't just be pouring money into the project without at least breaking even.

speaking of breaking... fotothing is down... again! What the heck are they doing over there?
10:11am July 10 2006karen said: (reply to comment #12013) 
I agree that showing the latest photo is great way to surf the site. I often think "Ohh I haven't seen that!" and so I click and wander.... I do this is real life and and wander ;)
11:43am July 13 2006fig said:  
Hey, Great work on a nice clean site that just works very well. I like using the random photo, the only thing I would change is somehow being able to just refresh the page to see another randon photo. i.e. not having to go through the dropdown every time.
4:27am July 17 2006PhotoPro said: (reply to comment #12013) 
if avatars must be utilized please make it a selectable option, not the default. IMHO avatars are so 20th century and like you said dom, the latest gives a quick way to surf indeed!
12:01pm August 19 2006yellville said:  
Noticed the dropdown thumbs are gone
11:16am August 20 2006Edelweiss1851 said:  
I am also new here, and still learning the functions. Greetings. Edelweiss1851
11:25am August 22 2006beady said:  
Whats happened to the dropdown thumbs, they were great, will they be back. finding it a little hard to see those small thumbnails now.
3:24pm August 25 2006Simthumb said:  
Yeah I wish they would come back! I loved those. :(
11:23pm September 2 2006annethecat said:  
Yeah! I wondered if they were gone or if it was just my computer.
8:19am September 22 2006artemia said:  
Fantastic site! I'm new here, ifeel very good, is so nice to can share my photos for my family and my friends here and out of here. I love all here cose to have a own albzm is not possible without paying in other CONGRATULATION for responsable of this very nice "place"!!
4:00pm September 25 2006annethecat said: (reply to comment #8391) 
Well...perhaps if you're using IE5 you need to upgrade??
10:56pm September 25 2006CeterusParibus said: (reply to comment #16018) 
they seem to be back .. goodo!
6:16am September 27 2006crupeople said:  
very nice place
4:03am October 1 2006annethecat said:  
Yay! The picture-hovers are back! :D Thanks!
9:03pm October 5 2006photochick said:  
hoorah! thankyou :)
11:30am November 27 2006MALIKJAMALI said:  
nice thing that has been changed
3:02am February 1 2007Lunapereza said:  
beautiful site........
I like..:)
6:52pm May 6 2007CelticClicks said:  
Is there the option to pay for our accounts so we can help you shoulder the cost of this site? I'd buy one to help out... no problemo!!!
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