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Email Notifications 

I've just added an email notification feature so you can be notified whenever someone sends you a message or comments on your photos.

By default, it's switched off (so people don't suddenly get lots of email they didn't ask for!), so to turn it on, you'll need to go to the new My Settings page under the My Stuff menu.

Be sure to check that the email address we have for you is up to date before activating this. There are a few original members who don't have valid email addresses, so double check that.

Report any problems here or use the contact us page.



6:11pm March 25 2009senna3 said:  
Nice to have this facility!!
6:29am March 30 2009Wildspirit said:  
I find this site simple, enjoyable, and fresh!
4:25am March 31 2009snowbird said:  
Thanks Dom for this facility! you are doing exceptional work.
1:56am April 19 2009beady said:  
Thanks......great idea
8:05pm August 17 2009Tonylazygit said:  
cool thing about this hallowed place is, nobody seems to be a fightin and a feudin here lol keep up the good work Dom
12:28am January 3 2010JustAnn said:  
I agree with the last commenter! No one is fighting & feuding here, as they do on some site I know. Thanks. I love this place!
6:04am January 21 2010DGM said:  
5:47am February 19 2012beady said:  
Not getting Email Notifications anymore, Yet all Three boxes are ticked....
2:24pm March 21 2012Wildspirit said:  
Dom, I hope to do more posting did a great job with Fotothing, but it is neglected...spammers have taken over.
Are you still active here?

Thanks, Jim Pankey
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