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Hi guys

I'm so sorry that Fotonomy has been down for the last couple of days.

This was down to my ISP who took it upon themselves to disconnect the server and then could not figure out how to get it back online.

It's a long story that involved several hours on the phone which I won't bother you with, but it looks like we're back. Fingers crossed.

Sorry again.



2:40pm June 12 2007Sheila said:  
Nice to see it back, Dom!
2:49pm June 12 2007Poulet said:  
Nice to see it back.
Thanks Dom! :))
5:15pm June 12 2007Haw59 said:  
Thanks for the hard work. My fingers, eyes and toes are crossed for you.
6:57pm June 12 2007YearOfTheCat said:  
Hurray! Thanks for sorting it out so quickly!
7:45pm June 12 2007frann said:  
Glad you're back. Keep up the good work!
7:49pm June 12 2007Deguisse said:  
Thanks and great site :)
10:07pm June 12 2007podiluska said:  
Glad you're back.

I've got a one year old who displays similar attitudes to equipment. Do you think I could get her a consultancy role?
2:17am June 13 2007ashdad said:  
Thanks for getting it back up.
3:22am June 13 2007jomoud said:  
welcome back Dom
anything we can do to support?
3:09pm June 13 2007Deguisse said: (reply to comment #31358) 
I hate to say this but.....
Click the "google" ads?
At least we know why they are here.
down with FT i say.
3:17pm June 13 2007dom said: (reply to comment #31550) 
No, don't click the Google ads unless you're really interested in them.

Besides - nearly all the ads disappear once you log in anyway. :)
3:25pm June 13 2007Deguisse said:  
Oh ok Not a problem.
Was thinking it was the only revenue you had to keep site going.
Any other way to support the site?
4:04pm June 13 2007jomoud said:  
It may go against your basic philosophy that started the site, but annual membership option to support financially?
7:06pm June 13 2007dom said: (reply to comment #31567) 
No - not at the moment because then Fotonomy would be a business and I would be obliged to provide a certain level of service.

I might introduce a 'donate' option and keep track of who has donated (to upgrade them if there is a fee at some point in the future).
5:25pm June 14 2007jomoud said:  
Read this! It is just unbelievable
7:43pm June 14 2007Pewari said: (reply to comment #31886) 
8:21pm June 14 2007Poulet said: (reply to comment #31886) 
This is really disusting! :((
What a poor manner!
2:15pm June 15 2007Deguisse said:  
SSShhhhhh FT don't exist here!
or they might accuse Dom of something else :(
9:21am June 20 2007DGM said:  
Thanks Dom for everything!!
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