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What do you think...? 

Ok.. so Fotonomy is less than a week old. But I'm kinda interested in what you think so far, and what features you think are essential. I have my own ideas, but the site is nothing without you guys..

Also, what features could you do without? One of my main aims is to keep this place clean and simple to use. I don't want to be adding every feature that every other site has just because we can.



4:56pm April 13 2006Sheila said:  
It feels like home, Dom.

I would like to see that I'm uploading the right picture, so a thumbnail there would be useful. I like the way the thumbnails pop up bigger whe you hover the mouse over them.
4:57pm April 13 2006Sheila said:  
I'd like to be able to edit that comment and spell "when" correctly!
5:42pm April 13 2006dom said: (reply to comment #133) 
I prefer the option of being able to delete a comment (and start again) rather than editing it, but yes, that's on the to-do list.
6:15pm April 13 2006thebillies said:  
To be honest, this is my best feature about a foto community.

I used to be a member of fotoamigo. It was a small and intimate community and everyone was great. I honestly feel that BIG is too big but smaller communities are more friendly and beautiful to be a part of. When fotoamigo shut it's doors, we went to flickr and flickr is really big and so it has got a few of us amigo's not really being as regular with keeping in touch and updating. With smaller communities we actually conversed and got to know each other more and we made sure that daily we visited each other as well as updated. These days we hardly update now as the spirit is not the same. But this is just my take. Please don't think I won't like this place no matter what because I will. ;)
6:22pm April 13 2006Sheila said:  
thebillies - that's exactly how we all felt about fotothing - till ADVFN took it over. This new site feels like a nice little community again.
7:21pm April 13 2006Peter said:  
I think the important thing about building a "comfortable" community is maintaining some level of non-elistist exclusivity. How you do that, without causing stagnation, is the difficult bit.

Technical feature - they're the easy things ;-)
8:33pm April 13 2006karen said:  
Already i'm getting the urge to go out and take photos again so the site must be good :)

The secret of a successful site is to send Dom chocolate.

I have lots of fantastic ideas in my head but I can't get them's all a confused and excitable mess in there...
11:51pm April 13 2006Pewari said:  
I'd like to be able to see replies to comments somehow... both on my own photos and comments I've made on others. I think that's what builds the community the fastest :)
10:58am April 14 2006dom said:  
What do you guys think about a photo rating system?

I'm thinking a simple 1 -5 rating system for each photo. You would probably not actually see the ratings other people had made directly (so people don't feel bad if they only ever get 1 out of 5 or try to cheat), but it could be used to automatically generate lists of your own favourite photos and the most popular on the site.
11:43am April 14 2006karen said:  
I like that idea.
Could the results be placed on the *people* page?
something like - alongside the name and thumb of latest photo you then get a thumb of most popular photo (as voted by others) and then a thumb of favourite other members photo.

I mean this as an *as well as* to your idea of the generated lists - tis just that i was looking at the *people* page and love what you have done with it, but the space to the right of the names just begs for additional stuff to click (did I mention I like to click?)

If the above makes no sense I apologise.
Need. more. coffee.
12:36pm April 14 2006Steve said:  
I always thought a "My Top Ten" or "My Gallery" facility would have been good on FT. If that top ten is chosen by others that might be fun. It would certainly promopt people to try and do better!

The only downside I see is that is there were a site-wide "Top Ten", a few people who got in a lot of really high scores early might be difficult to dislodge them from the top spot. The best idea might be to say that scores over (say) two months old don't count towards the average and the placing. Keep people on their toes!

1:06pm April 14 2006dom said:  
Well for "my top 10", the list can just cover all photos *you* have rated, but for site wide "popular photos", it can be based (say) just on photos rated in the last week.

Once you have a database like this, you can do other cool things like "people who liked this photo/photographer also liked this other photo/photographer.."

Just need to find clever ways to stop people cheating. :)
3:32pm April 14 2006yellville said:  
Pewari has made a suggestion I would like....

As for rating an image I would rather see number of member views instead.... or maybe when the albums feature is up you could make one for *submission for ratings*....Does that make sense?

3:05am April 15 2006pueo said:  
ahh there we go.

Yahoo News has a simple 5 star javascript thing at the bottom of their news stories. Like at the bottom of this one:

I think something like that might work
10:36am April 15 2006Steve said:  
I don't like to order of people on the "people" page. It's difficult to find people because it's not alphabetical and it's inviting people to post rubbish to get closer to the top.
12:05pm April 15 2006Lieke said:  
maybe it would be have two post an image just for sharing....and to post an image that you like to be rated

the new site feels great btw...
1:48pm April 15 2006dom said:  
I'm not completely convinced about the two separate options thing.. I think it could end up being confusing.

Remember, individual ratings would never actually be shown to anyone except the person doing the actual rating. It'd just be used to keep track of your own personal favourites and help get an idea of what you like.
1:50pm April 15 2006dom said:  
Steve - ordering on the people page is temporary. The only reason it's done like that at the moment is to make it easy to find people with photos. It'll turn alphabetical when we have more people - maybe with the option of hiding people who haven't uploaded anything.
5:34pm April 15 2006Cedar9 said:  
I do like the idea of rating, but having seen it in action with much discussion on other sites, i'm really not sure how you can get around the actual/suspected 'trolls'..even if only you the photographer sees the rating results.

It looks like some people do get tempted to deliberately lower the figures. But maybe there always will be, so it's best jsut to take it in your stride...don't know (helpful eh)

Personally I do like the idea of ratings for ones you choose to 'open ratings' for (or someting), while for many of the pics i'd be happy just to upload and talk instead
6:56pm April 15 2006yellville said:  
Dom said::::Remember, individual ratings would never actually be shown to anyone except the person doing the actual rating. It'd just be used to keep track of your own personal favourites and help get an idea of what you like.

Now that I've read it more closely I'm for trying it, would be nice to have a *Ratings Blocker* to click if it bothers people too much
6:58pm April 15 2006yellville said:  
Any chance a message system is in the works soon?
7:05pm April 15 2006dom said:  
It's high on the to-do list. :)
8:23pm April 15 2006pueo said:  
I wanted to upload/share an animated gif I made for a website. Any chance GIFs may be allowed here or is it just too much of a risk people will upload garbage.

Here it is. It's a animated photo banner I made for my Class' reunion website:
8:25pm April 15 2006pueo said:  
btw- are the URLs going to auto-link in the future?
8:45pm April 15 2006dom said:  
1. No GIFs. Ever. That would just encourage garbage, yes.
2. Yep, I'll add auto-linking soon.
2:00am April 16 2006pueo said:  
I originally posted this in the "nude" discussion over at steve's fotonomy:

Could there be security level choice so that "artistic nudes" could be allowed but only for logged in members or even just "adult members" to see but not the casual public?

That way we could have "No public nudes" or something. Artists would have to set their own security level but those artists that are responsible would want to do the right thing anyway... right?

Security levels like: Public, Members Only, Adult Members, Friends, and maybe even Private... although I suppose if you really wanted a photo to be private why would you post it online in the first place??
4:37am April 16 2006frann said:  
I would like you to implement friends.
11:05am April 16 2006dom said:  
Pueo: Something like that could be a possibility, yes. The difficulty is that people just tend not to read the rules properly. I would like to implement the option of private photos/albums though.

This one requires more thought!

Frann: Another one that's high on the to-do list!
7:46pm April 16 2006jomoud said:  
I have just arrived, so do not dare to express an opinion yet, other than expressing the hope that this site remains a small friendly community.
11:13pm April 16 2006ohhahhwho said:  
I've seen rating systems on other sites and didn't care for it. Eventually, a clique will form and it goes around low-balling any and everyone who starts to rise above them. In essence, keeping their work at the top and no one's else.

If someone likes a photo or the photographer, let them exress themselves in the comments. It'll keep the coziness of the community in order :)
11:14pm April 16 2006ohhahhwho said:  
My 2¢
11:44pm April 16 2006Steve said:  
I like the addition of the Currently Online people, Dom. I see the profiles are inproving also. Good work!
8:09pm April 17 2006Rob said:  
RSS feeds please :)

Also, would prefer to be able to set the title for a picture before it's uploaded rather than have to go and find it and edit it. I never ever want to use the filename...
8:17pm April 17 2006Rob said:  
EXIF data would be cool
8:25pm April 17 2006Rob said:  
As would "replace this photo now that you've fixed the colours..." button...
9:26pm April 17 2006Rob said:  
And a "remember me" option!
10:26pm April 17 2006dom said: (reply to comment #731) 
So you don't want much then? ;)
11:06pm April 17 2006Cedar9 said:  
A reply facility! Great :))
12:28am April 18 2006yellville said:  
Thanks for the replys....

Now....Twice now my full comment hasn't been posted, it gets cut off....

Do I need to say less
12:39am April 18 2006dom said: (reply to comment #826) 
How odd. I can post much longer comments than that. What browser are you using?

Also, try emptying your browser cache and trying again.
12:43am April 18 2006yellville said:  

Ahhhh how would I do that...all I know to do is refresh
12:43am April 18 2006yellville said: (reply to comment #833) 
Forgot to hit the reply...hehehe
12:58am April 18 2006dom said: (reply to comment #834) 
Hold down CTRL and hit refresh.
10:48am April 18 2006Frodo1 said:  
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to join this site both myself and Marie will post only our best photos here...i must admit i do like the competitions on subjects like they have on fotothing.
11:17am April 18 2006dom said: (reply to comment #867) 
I'm sure we'll have some kind of challenge thing at some point. Need to get the basics done first though!
11:35am April 18 2006Rob said: (reply to comment #804) 
nope - just ease of use stuff!
1:55pm April 18 2006Peter said:  
A few more:

1. The Creative Commons license stuff of FT was nice. Not many people have the foggiest what it means - especially the view-only non-memebers, but it's important (from a long term legal viewpoint) to have a clear "contract" between the photographer, the website and the viewers. Even if only 1 out of the three realise it.

2. Rating systems

Dom, remember that relationships modelling SQL we played with a couple of years ago ? Be useful here. Will dig it up from the dead.

Ratings systems only work if you (a) value the opinion of those rating you and (b) value the opinion of those rating others. I actually only care what a relatively limited group of people think of anything I do - photography being one small part of that.

3. Restricted Materials

IMNSHO there are a variety of things that can be posted that either shouldn't be (for reasons of content, copyright or publicity) or that a poster doesn't necessarily want directly available. A system for a graduated "report as offensive" links would be nice, based on the "trustworthiness" (see 2. above) of the reporter. Viewers (non members) get more limited capabilities, but you must make allowances for them. In turn, The ability to self-moderate material for suitability (maybe based on simplified PICS ?) would be cool.

Now combine those three and you get a system where you could make photos available to specific audiences, for a variety of reasons, based on your own criteria. Each members sets their own criteria - or if they don't they can get moderated to hell and back.

Oh, a *different* link for "report unauthorised use of copyrighted material" would be good too - no just offensive / unsuitable. It merits different treatment.

PS Can we have a bigger comment text box so that I don't have to keep scrolling up and down ... :-)
5:27pm April 18 2006jomoud said:  
Exif info would be nice. I use it to learn from others:)
The lawyer in me looked for copyright info.
Overall, I love the layout of the site.
9:43pm April 18 2006Pewari said:  
Furgus ;)
12:14am April 19 2006pueo said: (reply to comment #963) 
I suppose Furgus would be up to Sheila and Steve
8:36am April 19 2006Pewari said:  
Well, yes ... I know... but he's still on my wishlist ;)
9:46am April 19 2006grimp said:  
If you reply to a comment it says 'Reply to comment #xxx' but where is comment #xxx? What I wanted to say is that the comments could carry their numbers.
7:19pm April 19 2006Rob said:  
Could you make it so that the random photos are never repeats of the others already on the home page?
3:40am April 20 2006pueo said:  
I like the auto-linking feature for the web addresses. When putting more than one in the photo comments, however, it appears it has added a little extra "/>" that I hadn't put there before.

I actually attempted to edit the "/>" out but it came right back.
11:13am April 20 2006dom said: (reply to comment #1139) 
Akra - the photos will be more random once more have been uploaded. I don't think there's a lot of point in going to great lengths to ensure they're not duplicates at this point.
11:15am April 20 2006dom said: (reply to comment #1203) 
Pueo - yeah, the autolink thing is a bit buggy at the moment. I'll look into it.

I'm currently re-designing the database which is taking a bit of time as I don't want to break anything in the process. It's on the to-do list though!
9:00am April 21 2006CeterusParibus said:  
Hi Dom,
Hope you'll be able to restore the missing messages after yesterday's outage..
11:27am April 21 2006Steve said:  
I like the fundtionality of the "delete comment" and "reply" buttons, Dom. Very well executed! It's nice to see "in reply to comment" in the comment heading as well.
1:03pm April 21 2006Steve said:  
URLs posted in comments get chopped off at ampersands. Small buggette! :-)
4:00pm April 21 2006potterjo said:  
I do like the thumbnails next to the far as ratings it would be nice to know how many comments we get on each pic....also i like tech details it is a real learning tool
8:27pm April 21 2006dom said: (reply to comment #1514) 
See the new 'Comments' page.. it shows you which photos have received comments this week, which comments are unread and which comments have replies. Hope that covers it. :)
10:29pm April 21 2006yellville said:  
EXCELLENT.....You can take a break and Karen will send you some chocolate....Thanks D
10:37pm April 21 2006jomoud said: (reply to comment #1560) 
7:04am April 22 2006ohhahhwho said:  
Mahalo Dom. The "comments section" is exceptional. And I agree with the others.

Enjoy you weekend (not too much of Karen's chocolate though).
11:51am April 22 2006pueo said:  
oh yes, the new comments page is great! Happy Earth Day Dom!
8:04pm April 22 2006PennyLane said:  
(I just found this thread - where have I been? :)
I agree with Karen. I am actually excited again about photography. I've started to carry my camera with me at all time, even when I just go to the grocery stoe (you never know what interesting food you might see there :)
The interface is exciting here. I love the comments page, and the fact that the photo you commented on is the thumbnail you see.
The ability to edit comments without have to delete them and repost would be nice. The editing feature on the photo title and caption is sweet!
10:36am April 23 2006dom said: (reply to comment #1813) 
PL: I'm not convinced about editing comments. It would let people go back and change what they said and potentially completely alter the context.

I'm also wary of giving people too many options. The less buttons you have to click on, the easier the site is to use.

Not saying it won't happen, but I personally don't see it as a priority right now. :)
3:46pm April 23 2006grenthal said:  
I agree with Karen and Penny Lane. This site is like fotothing at the beginning: small, friendly, cute. I fell good here, really!

dom said: "The less buttons you have to click on, the easier the site is to use."
I agree!
10:20pm April 23 2006Rob said: (reply to comment #1940) 
If you are going to allow comment editing, then it should be timelimited to say 1 hour. It's mainly for typos that always get missed, even if there's a comment preview facility!
11:14pm April 23 2006dom said: (reply to comment #2117) 
Ok, I'll think about it. :)

In the mean time, if you make a typo, copy the text, delete the comment, then paste/correct the text in a new comment.
3:58am April 25 2006PhotoPro said:  
I think my attention is divided into too many places, I just found this. ;(

11:13pm April 16 2006ohhahhwho said: I've seen rating systems on other sites and didn't care for it. Eventually, a clique will form and it goes around low-balling any and everyone who starts to rise above them. In essence, keeping their work at the top and no one's else.
If someone likes a photo or the photographer, let them exress themselves in the comments. It'll keep the coziness of the community in order :)
I agree! I may be in a minority but I really do not want a rating system.

I'll copy and paste(as I remember) but I also would like the ability to edit comments.

ditto: would like thumbnails b4 upload also

ditto: see replies to comments

ditto: exif info

A longer period of inactivity allowed b4 being logged out(infinite would be my preference)... I don't know if that affects your costs or not, but is really irritating if you get distracted AND forget to copy.....

Dom I think you spent too much time passing the baton... some cynicism has appeared to rub off on you. :)
10:25am April 25 2006Steve said: (reply to comment #2141) 
Dom, is it possible on the "newest pictures" to do what you did on FT and show the latest upload from five different users? It would give a greater bredth of styles to choose from and introduce five people's work instead of three, or two, or even just one.
10:30am April 25 2006dom said: (reply to comment #2497) 
PP: Any rating system would be private to the person doing the rating. The 'public' and even the photographer would not see your ratings.

It would be there for two reasons only:

1. To enable you to keep track of your favourite photos and photographers.

2. To help gain an overall picture of what people generally consider to be high quality.

I think it's important that to be able to do this, as it can help give exposure to the pictures and people who inspire others while still allowing others to upload and share photos of their family/pets/whatever.

It also means you can be shown more photos that are of interest to *you*. The site knows the kind of photos you like and can show you similar photos by people you may not have noticed otherwise.
8:18pm April 25 2006dom said: (reply to comment #2523) 
Steve: Yep, I will do this when we get a bit bigger - but at the moment, the site is very small and showing every new image just helps to keep things moving a little.
10:52pm April 26 2006Whatisee said:  
I've been here about a week now and I'm very happy. The only thing I would like is to be able to change your assigned password. I was at my son's Tuesday and was going to upload some pictures. (He has cable internet (me dialup) and it goes some much faster) but could not sign in because I couldn't remember my password and had not entered into my password book.

Also, I think someone else mentioned it earlier but being able to knew how many people looked at my photo with or without commenting would be good.

I know that I myself am very bad about not leaving comments even though I really enjoy most of the pictures that I see. So knowing that "x" number of people took the time to look even if they didn't all leave a comment would be nice.
11:40am April 27 2006dom said: (reply to comment #2822) 
W: Password changing will come at some point!
In the mean time, if you want to change your password, just email me.
(Note that I can't tell you your existing password as it's encrypted in the database, but I can re-set it to something more memorable for you.)
7:34pm April 27 2006Whatisee said:  
dom. For now I've got it in my password list that I carry with all the time. So I'll be okay for now. Thanks
7:16am April 28 2006CeterusParibus said:  
Hi Dom - what is our copyright position on the photos we upload here? I couldn't find any information.
11:12pm April 28 2006CeterusParibus said:  
3:20pm April 29 2006dom said: (reply to comment #3038) 
CP: You own and retain all rights on all your photos. By uploading, you are obviously giving permission to use them on the site (on your own pages, user directory, front page, etc.). They will not be used for anything else without permission.

At some point, I'll introduce Creative Commons licensing options but that takes quite a bit of work as they're quite strict about how licenses are used and promoted.

In the mean time, I'll add a section to the 'Help' page.
5:55pm April 29 2006CeterusParibus said: (reply to comment #3320) 
thank you, dom
1:24am April 30 2006Chubster said:  
All this "Creative Commons licensing" stuff is a waste of breath - if you post a picture (or any content) on the web you are making it available for download, manipulation and onward distribution - that's been a fact of life ever since ever since. If you want nobody to copy your pics, don't post them.
12:29pm June 6 2006nzshutter said:  
What a great site. I certainly think it is set out really well and I will support it as much as I can. Keep up the excellent work everyone. I look forward to looking at all of your photos.
11:31pm May 3 2007CelticClicks said: (reply to comment #3481) 
I agree with you 100% Chubster - if they want it they take it. I guess the best way to really protect a photo is to stick an nice big watermark thru the middle of it LOL - but I try to make it somewhat transparent - but of course with PS that can be dealt with as well! oh the joys if tne net :-S

Great site though - happy to have found this nice little community! I'm loving the size of it!
9:33pm July 15 2007fotolady77 said: (reply to comment #1560) 
Has the comments unread been removed??
2:52pm July 19 2007fotonomy said: (reply to comment #37089) 
A little bug - should now be fixed!
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