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Nice day for doing nothing 

Eros on a Sunday. 


12:15am August 10 2010beady said:  
chill out time...
10:51am August 10 2010DGM said:  
May I join?
11:08am August 10 2010dom said: (reply to comment #99769) 
Sure, but it's raining now. :)
10:06pm August 10 2010SGKrebs said:  
I wonder whats up with that sad looking kid in yellow...
1:45pm August 14 2010snowbird said:  
Great expressions on these people!
4:33pm August 15 2010Balsamo2009 said:  
cor I spent some hours sat there *L* there used to be a pub, I thinkl it was called the "Cockney Pride" just the other side ??? I wonder if it's still there ?
11:24pm August 19 2010rockinrobin21 said: (reply to comment #99883) 
thats prob his mum next to him and she has made him go shopping lol
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