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Anything But Football 

Time for another little challenge.

The title for this challenge is 'Anything But Football.'

Time to get arty with the orb and enter your photo of anything football shaped – but NOT a football :)

If you want to enter, upload your photo and enter the URL in the comments here.

No prizes, just kudos for the winner. We shall announce the results on Thursday 15th June.

Have fun!

Beady kindly gave us permission to use this wonderful photo. We think it will inspire you :)

See Beady's original here - 


7:29pm June 8 2006dom said:  
I take it we're talking spherical balls rather then spheroid balls here? :)
7:43pm June 8 2006kayo said:  
Soccer, not American football, in other words?
7:55pm June 8 2006challenge said:  
Not American football, no. Football football :) - or soccer

So long as it has a general spherical shape it will be fine by us :)
10:52pm June 8 2006pueo said:  
Looks like a plum challenge!
6:40am June 9 2006DGM said:  
8:33am June 9 2006ajft said:  
The fun of the terminology. All the soccer fans in Australa insist that it isn't soccer, its _FOOTBALL_. You have to ask them then, why is the national team called the Soccerroos?

Anyway, the name "soccer" came from an abbreviation of "Association football" => "Assoc. football" => soccer.

Anyway, can I enter, I uploaded it earlier in the week.
9:49am June 9 2006Judith said:  
10:29am June 10 2006beady said:  
My entry into
"anything but football"
3:41pm June 11 2006potterjo said:  
glad you explained the shape of a football, had me wondering for a minute
7:30pm June 12 2006grenthal said:  
10:07am June 14 2006karen said:  
not a football and not a football net :) heh
well, you could have guessed what I'd submit...;)
5:24am June 15 2006PhotoPro said:  
8:34am June 15 2006justju said:  
3:31pm June 25 2006ashdad said:  
Just because you've already posted a winner (and one who would have beaten me anyway) doesn't mean I am too late, does it?
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