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Looking out my office window last Wednesday. 


7:58am January 19 2011frankdejol said:  
Excellent wintry shot !
9:57pm January 20 2011SGKrebs said:  
do you ever see someone drive off the ranp and perfectly land on the lower one?
4:12am January 25 2011snowbird said:  
Haaaa this looks like what we have...
4:14am January 25 2011snowbird said: (reply to comment #110480) 
Hi SGK we have almost the exact copy of this circle highway, one winter 3 cars flew over and crashed below, because city had not cleared all the side snow.
1:05am January 29 2011beady said:  
A nice city winter scene
8:50pm January 29 2011rockinrobin21 said: (reply to comment #110539) 
did you get a photo snowbird? i hope no one was hurt tho
2:24pm February 12 2011snowbird said: (reply to comment #110725) 
Sorry if I answer now, no I did not have my camera, but then you are so surprised and in shock that you don't think of the camera, but I will see if I can find something in the old newspaper about and give you the link.
2:25pm February 12 2011snowbird said: (reply to comment #111017) 
Hi there Georgygirl I really don't think it is, because I have seen worst, I just hoped that Ashdad you have answered to this question?
11:53am March 25 2011Wildspirit said:  
Brrrr! So far here in Dallas (yeahl, we moved from southern California) we have had no very serious inclement weather...but I dread the summer!!
4:59am January 6 2012p0rph said:  
Hummm, Ashdad been my fav since ages, kid.
FYI he's almost 112 years old, according to our last meeting a decade ago.
Happy New Yay, dearest Ashdad.
(I know only one Ashdad)
4:37pm October 29 2012Lifewasted said:  
Does anyone have any news on ashdad? Been so long since we have heard from him. Hope all is well my friend.
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