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The Moon on Sunday Night 11/06/2017 



1:27pm June 13 2017soumen369 said:  
A bloody moon !!!!
2:16pm June 13 2017Tinkerbell said: (reply to comment #185627) 
Yes quite Soumen....it was a bit redder....before I got my tripod set up etc etc....not a great shot but I wanted to catch the red colour.
4:29pm June 14 2017skybird said:  
You certainl caught the colour Tink!!...super shot......
3:10am June 15 2017snowbird said:  
Wowwww I've never seen one this red or any red for that matter.
Great shot TB.
2:21pm June 15 2017Tinkerbell said: (reply to comment #185642) 
Thanks Sky....It's not very clear, and zoomed in a lot.....but as I say, I was trying to catch the colour!
2:22pm June 15 2017Tinkerbell said: (reply to comment #185649) 
Thanks SB!!! There was a beutiful reflection on the sea too......but couldn't get the photo!!! :(
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