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Visit to Cordoba 



12:32pm February 20 2017soumen369 said:  
Nice series Tink,my question is Cordoba in Spain?
2:44am February 24 2017snowbird said: (reply to comment #185099) 
Soumen Cordoba is beautiful city in the northern center of Spain, ( I was in Cordoba (Andalusia resion) in early 1970's).
But there is also a Cordoba in Argentina.
7:15pm February 26 2017Tinkerbell said: (reply to comment #185099) 
Hi Soumen, and yes, as Snowbird has said, Cordoba is in Spain. In Andalucia. :)
7:23pm February 26 2017Tinkerbell said: (reply to comment #185116) 
Thanks Snowbird. I must return to Cordoba because there is so much to see!
10:40am March 9 2017senna3 said:  
Beautifully photographed!
We visited Cordoba in 1965, but I do not remember this view.
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