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The Haunting of the Viaduct.. 



7:35pm October 26 2007Tom33 said:  
a great apparition!
10:16pm October 26 2007SGKrebs said:  
a ghost AND an owl?
10:08am October 27 2007Snappa2 said:  
SGKrebs...its probably his pet Owl?
8:42am October 28 2007abojovna said:  
Fantastic mystical work!
4:11am October 30 2007BrainPain said:  
Yup, looks to me that something is being haunted. Nice one.
9:58am October 31 2007Daughterson said:  
Very nice makes me want to be creative.
8:13pm December 2 2007SANDALZ said:  
Beautifully done...
8:09pm December 6 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #48504) 

Thank you. Very kind.
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