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Hybernating Ladybirds 

These Ladybirds (and many, many more) have been hybernating in my Bedroom in a crack between the curtain fitting and the wall, unfortunately, as the room warms up in the evening, they wake up, and I have to pick off a dozen or more from my ,I've collected them up and moved them to the shed to over winter...I hope they tell their friends.. 


6:52pm November 6 2007SGKrebs said:  
I'd gladly let a (flock,gaggle,swarm?) of ladybugs stay in my apartment. The bed would be off limits, though.
2:18am November 7 2007ashdad said:  
Wow! That is a lot. All beautifully captured.
11:09am November 7 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #46051) 
I bow to your superior knowledge of Bedbugs, I don't think we get them down South..FAR to Posh!
11:10am November 7 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #46114) 
ashdad..Yes, and they still keep coming! I obviously have a very welcoming house!
3:08pm November 7 2007Jerseygirl said:  
Wow! Amazing..
3:03am November 8 2007WesternDreams said:  
LOL... that's a lot of friends staying over at once there... when I lived in Tennessee they used to do that in one of my bathrooms around the window sill too....
9:06am November 11 2007abojovna said:  
Art photo!
9:29am November 11 2007justme said:  
Brilliant stuff--- Snappa2 my friend -most people only take one photo of a of a ladybird in their life..
And you have 100 in your shed--- ha/ha
9:54am November 13 2007Tonylazygit said:  
mannnnnnnnnn I have never ever seen more than two together in the same place..............this is a coup lol well played 10/10
9:33am December 13 2007Daughterson said:  
That's a lot of work but I would do the same. I used to put food, water and bedding in my garage for field mice in the winter so they wouldn't come in to the house -- yes it worked.
7:35pm December 13 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #49021) 
Yes, I'm a bit of a softie too. But,why not we get a lot of enjoyment from them.
8:13pm December 13 2007Daughterson said: (reply to comment #49032) 
That's right!!
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