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Grey Lady... 

Well! just IMAGINE my amazement when I downloaded this picture of the Local Pub!

(I really must keep of the Gin)  


7:05pm October 23 2007SGKrebs said:  
you should sell these two pictures to Fortean Times!
8:34pm October 23 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #44883) 
Now, that's a thought!
3:43pm October 25 2007abojovna said:  
Beautiful technique and result !
8:11pm October 25 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #45007) 
Thank you abojovna
7:36pm October 26 2007Tom33 said:  
10:10am October 27 2007Snappa2 said: (reply to comment #45072) 
Tom33 I'll get one in for you..
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