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Vitality Rx How can a woman initiate such a conversation? GB: Showing empathy is a good way to approach the problem. For example: "I noticed that it did not really work lately, it should not be easy for you." In uttering these words, you create an opening through which feelings can be expressed. You can also talk about yours by explaining how you are experiencing this situation. You start reproaches, get angry, provoke disputes and discussions are of no help. It is often there that there are frictions. I know from experience that people often show little empathy. Women feel cheated. They are angry with their husbands because they no longer receive what is important to them: sexual satisfaction. Often, the opposite effect is obtained: all body contact is avoided. What is your role in restoring communication in the couple? GB: I function as a kind of "facilitator", someone who starts the conversation. We create a kind of neutral context: in my presence, people dare to become less angry, they express themselves more often in a neutral tone.


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