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A Vine 

Twisty Vine thing 


3:59am January 9 2007ashdad said:  
Can't be doing that drain much good.
6:27pm January 9 2007SGKrebs said:  
those vines can choke trees.
8:57pm January 9 2007yellville said:  
Depressing metaphor....

Like children the vine will no longer need the support of it's parental iron.....(could have worded it better but my mindlessness is in top gear this week)
1:00am January 10 2007potterjo said:  
Beautiful vine....don't care what the others say : )
8:48pm January 10 2007galvin said:  
Beautiful photo
9:28am January 11 2007Lowryn said: (reply to comment #22705) 
They choke you, you support them, they no longer need you - sounds like kids to me
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