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Apologies to Yellville who sent me this most beautiful objet d'art. This is the best pic I could manage.

Thank you for such a fantastic surprise...I think it even convinced the sun to come out so that I could fully appreciate it.



3:59pm January 19 2007BrainPain said:  
Yells Imagination and creativity never ceases to amaze me. I think this is a GREAT picture of the piece and you have taken a wonderful picture the really brings out all the beautiful details.
11:00pm January 19 2007SGKrebs said:  
Nice! Is Yell making amber in the basement again?
11:53pm January 19 2007CeterusParibus said:  
sweet prezzie!
2:06am January 20 2007ashdad said:  
This is really cool!
1:01pm January 20 2007yellville said:  
Glad it made it without a puncture........Your welcome Low girl
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