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A better capture  

I got up at 4am to let the dog out and saw this beautiful moon! There was no going back to bed! Even though it was only 14F. (-10C.) I just HAD to grab the camera and tripod and shoot pictures out the front door! I was delighted to even be able to see some of the craters on the moon!  


1:44pm February 25 2016soumen369 said:  
So your hardship at 4am & in -10C resulted this fantastic shot in full view !!!!!!
2:18pm February 25 2016snowbird said:  
Kathy you did a great job and are lucky to have captured the "Snow wight" moon. Hat off to you for going out at 4 a.m. cold and all.
3:49am February 26 2016KathyinMinn said: (reply to comment #181262) 
Thanks so much, Soumen! I got a new camera a few days ago but even though I put it on the tripod and tried and tried it wouldn't take a decent photo of the moon AT ALL so I grabbed my older camera and got this great shot instead! Maybe I should quit trying to get a "better" camera.......
3:50am February 26 2016KathyinMinn said: (reply to comment #181264) 
Thanks SO much, Rosey---you completely understand standing in the cold in just a nightshirt. It took HOURS for my feet and legs to warm up again, even under the electric blanket on my bed!!
1:35pm February 26 2016snowbird said: (reply to comment #181271) 
Kathy at one point I was going crazy trying to look for cameras that did this or that better then what I had. I have 3 cameras: A point-and-shoot, than a nikon still camera that goes up to 36 optical zooms and my D7100. So now I finally realized that no matter what you try in cameras, it's how you use it and with me it's the how solid are my hands when shooting a photo! for close-up I love to use the point-and-shoot. for scenery or people it's the 36 optical zoom that I can also carry in my purse. So why did I spend so much money on a D7100 .... I still can't figure it out.
10:03am March 3 2016skybird said:  
Worth all the effort Kathy!!..beautiful shot.....
12:23am March 6 2016KathyinMinn said: (reply to comment #181403) 
Thanks so much, Skybird!
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