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WE ARE londONErs. 2/6 



3:55am July 28 2012beady said:  
An Interesting Bike
5:23am July 28 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #135818) 
I think it is a motorbike that is for rent
2:25am July 30 2012snowbird said: (reply to comment #135830) 
Hi DGM It's called a bixie bike that the city puts around the city and people just rent them. Here is the prices:
In Montreal, for two hours' continuous use, you'd pay (per bike)

- $0 for the first 30 minutes

- $1.75 for minutes 31-60

- $3.50 for minutes 61-90

- $7.00 for each additional 30 minutes or part thereof

So, on top of the daily fee, it's $12.25 for one bike for two hours, but $19.25 if you keep the bike a minute past two hours.
There not cheap!
10:56am July 30 2012DGM said:  
Thank you Snowbird for the info
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