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A transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, becoming visible against (and hence obscuring a small portion of) the solar disk. During a transit, Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the Sun. The duration of such transits is usually measured in hours (the transit of 2004 lasted six hours). A transit is similar to a solar eclipse by the Moon. While the diameter of Venus is more than 3 times that of the Moon, Venus appears smaller, and travels more slowly across the face of the Sun, because it is much farther away from Earth.

Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena.[1] They occur in a pattern that repeats every 243 years, with pairs of transits eight years apart separated by long gaps of 121.5 years and 105.5 years. 


1:44pm June 6 2012snowbird said:  
Lucky people who could experience this event, .... our in Canada was blocked by clouds!
1:59pm June 6 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134214) 
Thats right Snowbird. We were lucky that the sun peeked.:)
4:43pm June 6 2012saffi9 said:  
thanks for sharing with us that didnt get up in time :)
7:26am June 7 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134240) 
Thank you too Saffi
10:09am June 8 2012skybird said: (reply to comment #134257) 
A great catch DGM.
12:13pm June 8 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134311) 
Thank you Skybird
9:28pm June 8 2012beady said:  
Nicely captured. Thanks for sharing an interesting moment
1:19am June 9 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134359) 
Thank you Beady
2:40am June 9 2012p0rph said:  
I forgot all about the event until evening...
Anyway we just couldn't view it here, not that lucky I guess.
3:59am June 9 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134403) 
Yes, I also forgot it but was just reminded by a friend
4:36am June 10 2012davidschuley said:  
Nice job catching this. ...
5:10am June 10 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134447) 
Thank you David
1:16pm June 30 2012senna3 said:  
Outstanding capture!
12:31pm July 1 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #134955) 
Thank you Senna
5:02am July 30 2012michelmarc21000 said:  
SUBLIME !!!!!!!!!! *************************************************************************************
10:53am July 30 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #136022) 
Thank you Michelmarc
10:57am July 30 2012michelmarc21000 said:  
plaisir vraiment .
7:17am August 10 2012claudepierrejean said:  
Sublime, bravo !!!
5:49am August 11 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #136810) 
Thank you ClaudepierreJean
2:41pm August 22 2012soumen369 said:  
Fabulous capture,but how you got the sun in full blaze !!! Looking at it in computer screen my eyes are straining!!!!
1:44am October 12 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #137800) 
Thank you Soumen
3:25pm October 13 2012TONYBBAD said:  
1:17am October 14 2012DGM said: (reply to comment #141092) 
Thank you Tonybbad
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