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Crow On White 

I had a really fun conversation with a crow. He was in the parking lot of my favorite grocery store. I don't think anyone has ever squatted down to talk to him before, and he was fascinated. He even set down the piece of bagel I gave him so he could come over and chat. It was hysterical. Crows make the coolest noises. 


10:35pm October 18 2012mellie said:  
Excellent shot ... he does look like a chatty fellow!
1:48am October 20 2012Lifewasted said:  
How cool is that? I think it amazing how animals will interact with us humans if we are careful not to frighten them.
1:54am October 20 2012Coyote said: (reply to comment #141383) 
Yes, that's been my experience for the most part, even with bugs and insects!
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