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10:38pm May 12 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #133402) 
cheers pal, they are very tame
4:24pm May 16 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #133443) 
no, I think they were going to mug me for me lunch money
10:04pm May 16 2012rockinrobin21 said:  
great shot, also just noticed the table in the water, you would need your wellies on to use that picnic table
3:31pm May 17 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #133546) 
your right it's been flooded for a couple of weeks now
10:11pm May 23 2012rockinrobin21 said: (reply to comment #133564) 
av you got nice sun now, bet all this water has dried up
1:59pm May 24 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #133681) 
yes mate, it happened overnight really great and yes water is all gone.......was sat there watching cricket on my netbook tuesday the IPL match
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