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Men at work 

waiting for the pub to open 


9:48pm March 22 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #132065) 
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll, one perhaps out of curiosity, did wonderin and partake of aliquid lunch :)
3:49pm March 23 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #132088) 
too true pal, mind you yesterday I needed reviving, it was tropical :O
4:55pm March 24 2012rockinrobin21 said: (reply to comment #132110) 
i love the heat dont be a wimp ha ha
5:57pm March 25 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #132155) 
lol, I love the sun too, just came as a shock on Hayling Island
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