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Fuji Finepix HS20 



1:50pm March 25 2012Balsamo2009 said:  
It's a great camera, that feels and handles like a DSLR, but has useful features like the tilting monitor scree, so handy for low angle shots and macros, she also has a hot-shoe so it's possible to fit a dedicated Fuji flash
7:07pm March 25 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #132210) 
thanks pal, it is a very god camera
9:34pm March 25 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #132212) 
:O okay you got me, you should have sympathy it is sunday you know, I had some bad gin earlier :O
10:05pm March 29 2012rockinrobin21 said:  
guess what, i have bought the new version of this, the HS30 EXR not used it yet tho
6:23am March 30 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #132349) 
good for you matey, I'm sure you will get used to it very quickly, take my advice and set it to the EXR mode for a while, and trust technology, the lens is terrific, gives my Nikon a run for it's money... well done
9:27pm March 30 2012rockinrobin21 said: (reply to comment #132364) 
ok i will try that, tried macro but it didnt seem to focus i had it on the macro setting, will av to try again
11:59pm March 30 2012puddin said:  
I like....
5:39pm May 8 2012snowbird said:  
Seems very user friendly! how well does it shoot after dark?
11:19am May 9 2012Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #133242) 
after dark is incredible, just leave it in auto mode and it's like night vision
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