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Asbo likes his food 



6:12pm May 11 2016snowbird said:  
Good for him .... who does not like a good dish of food!
2:15pm May 12 2016soumen369 said:  
Superb shot of his satisfactory toungh !!!!
10:29pm May 12 2016Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #182457) 
thank you, he is a canine gourmet :)
10:30pm May 12 2016Balsamo2009 said: (reply to comment #182476) 
thanks he loves attention :)
8:59pm May 27 2016rockinrobin21 said:  
still looking cute
7:02pm October 29 2016puddin said:  
awwwwww so cute
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